Campbell's Bichons are ADORABLE!

  WE'RE SORRY. NO PUPPIES IN OUR FUTURE. We have become so busy with our current lives, grandchildren and the farm, that we just no longer have the time to devote to breeding this wonderful breed. We now have 4 bichons, Tiki & Tank (the Mom and Dad) Jax from their litter in April 2010 and our littlest baby, Mojo, from their Nov/10 litter. We also have a German Shepherd who was born just 3 days before Mojo. Combined with the rest of our managerie which you can read about on this web site, our lives are too full to give the care and devotion that litters require. When we start breeding again I'll let you know! Please no phone calls for the time being. We do appreciate hearing from you though, and all emails will be answered.  I will continue to update this website from time to time and it's loaded with tons of information that you might find useful when you adopt a new Bichon of your own. The Campbell Clan.

Our home is located about 45 minutes due East of the Capital City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We are proud members in good standing of the Canadian Kennel Club – CKC as well as the American Kennel Club – AKC.  Bichon Frise is pronounced Bee-shon Free-zay.

  At Campbells Bichons our Mission is to breed and raise beautiful, healthy, happy and well socialized Bichon Frise puppies and dogs. Our goal is find these affectionate little white dogs loving homes, where they’ll be more than a pet – they’ll be a member of your family.

  We raise our puppies in our home and this allows us to give them lots of love and attention right from birth. During whelping our spare room and living room becomes a nursery, so the babies are with us constantly. They become very well socialized and receive additional attention from all of our friends and family, as everyone loves a Bichon puppy and wants to hold them and cuddle them as soon as they see them.

  We keep our puppies with us until 8 or 9 weeks of age, as Bichon puppies need to stay with their mommies a little longer than a lot of other breeds.

  They will be de-wormed and have their first shots prior to going to their new homes. 

  Our Bichon Frise puppies will make a wonderful addition to your loving family home, and will bring you unequalled love and devotion for their entire lives. They live only to love their family, which often can include other dogs & cats and other pets as well.

  Please click on the links below to view our current babies. SORRY - NO BABIES FOR  WHILE. We will consider breeding again in 2012. This website will let you know.

  Contact us at for more information. Or call us at 780-662-3180 and leave us a message if we're out in the hay field or the barn or just playing outside. Or you can try Lance's cell 780-965-6180 

       Campbells Bichons and the Campbell's Ranch are proudly located near the Capital City of Edmonton, Alberta Canada - home of West Edmonton Mall and the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Esikmos and Edmonton Rush - City of Champions!  

ROCK STAR has gone to his new home. Congratulations Cathy! 







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May 27, 2016

Touch a Bichon

and you have touched a bit of heaven...
Hold a Bichon

 and you have held the world...
Love a Bichon

and you will love life forever...
Author Unknown